Tuesday, September 8, 2009

While the current mortgage rates are still at historic low levels the mood about the rates going up or coming down changes daily. We conducted a little research online trying to catch the mood of today's mortgage rates, if it can be put that way. The mood is positive, most opinions involved in this light study show downward trend.

Today's mortgage rates are nationally lower than last week. According to Bankrate.com the 30 year-fixed rate is 5.21 percent. It was 5.27 percent last week. The 15 year fixed rate currently is 4.68, which is down from 4.72 last week. The rate on 5 year ARM is 4.37, down from 4.57 of last week.

The rates will of course differ from one another based on your location. However, the downtrend from last week is apparent.

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