Monday, September 28, 2009

Vote for Little Bitsy & help Animal Rescue of WNC

Hi Everyone,

We need your help!! Little Bitsy has been entered in the Cutest Dog Competition. She has been in the top 30 for 4 weeks straight and there are over 60,000 dogs entered. Wow! The contest runs for 12 weeks picking a weekly winner that wins $500. Then those 12 finalist run against each other - the top 3 win $5,000. All of this is voted on by the public. Out of the top four  judges pick a dog to win $1,000,000! If Little Bitsy wins all the funds go to animal rescue in WNC! Just imagine how many animals we could help!
Little Bitsy has been on the White Squirrel Radio and in the Transylvania Times asking for everyone's vote but it hasn't been enough yet! She is doing great but we need more votes. We need your help! You can vote only once a day! Some dogs have been disqualified for fraudulent voting so don't cheat!
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 Little Bitsy is a recent rescue - 2 months ago she couldn't use one of her back legs. She had been hit by a car and not taken to a vet. She was badly malnourished and scared. Now she has put some meat on those bones and runs like I've never seen a dog run! So happy in her new home!)

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