Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What happened to me last night on the way home

Last night on the way home from work at about 7PM on Highway 64 East in front of the Pisgah Forest Cemetery there was a road block with the highway patrol. They checked licenses and checked to be sure we were wearing our seat belt. Then they handed me a paper entitled Transylvania County Residents in all caps, large print and bold text.


The paper went on to say that since January, 13 people have died on the roadways in our county, compared to only 2 at the same time last year. Of those 13, only 2 were properly restrained! If you won’t buckle up for yourself, do it for you family.


I am totally amazed that we still have people in today’s world that first don’t respect the law; if there state like North Carolina has seat belt laws, and won’t wear them. I remember as a child and at 59 years old that was a long time ago, but my dad bought a new Chevy I think Impala and it came with seat belts and back then we drove at wide open speeds so to speak. Our highways were posted 70 back then. So I am assuming seat belts have been around since the 50’s or early 60’s.


My 2nd cousin just 2 months ago driving impaired ran off the road, went through the windshield, became best friends with the highway some 65 feet sliding on it, still lived but has rods down the entire length of his back on both sides of the spine that he will have the rest of his life. I asked him why he didn’t wear a seat belt and even today he says he never will. In fact the week before the accident he got a ticket for not wearing his seat belt. I wonder what will happen to him the next time.


In short folks I agree with the highway patrol. If you won’t buckle up for yourself, do it for you family!

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