Friday, September 25, 2009

How many agents will we loose in 2010 in Brevard Board

Sad title but a question we ask considering the facts of the market, ones asks how long should we stay in or try to find regular paychecks. This year the Brevard Board of Realtors budgeted for loosing 12% and we lost 13% so far. The big question is what will happen when year end dues need to be paid as well as State and National. Not a great Christmas present when the bills come in.
The budget committee has a huge task on there hands this year to try to keep our board viable and provide the services we need and deserve. If you have a desire to help with the financial committee we really could use your help.
What are your thoughts? And if you would like to follow one of my blogs, here is the link and lets all help each other this year. Be kind to each other when the stress of a negotiation gets under your skin.
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