Friday, September 18, 2009

Vote for Little Bitsy & Help Brevard & Transylvania County with Rescue Dogs

  Charlie's Angels        A Rescue Group for Abused and Abandoned Animals

Needs YOUR Help! 

Please go to the Cutest Dog Competition site at  every day until the end of October and vote for "Little Bitsy". She is one of Evelyn Bridge's rescues and if Little Bitsy wins during the contest she wants to give it to Evelyn's Fund!  They are picking winners weekly so vote for her every day.  The votes go back to 0 on Sunday and the week begins again. 

 Let's see if we can win $500 (or more! ) to help other dogs just like Little Bitsy have happy endings too! 

Again, here is the link below - click on and register and vote every day!

Little Bitsy thanks you! 

Little Bitsy was adopted by Sylvia and Barney Evans.

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