Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I saw this article & added comments on your Childs Computer work space

Upgrading the Homework Space

I found this article very interesting, even though I am an empty nester if I had young children I would highly consider where I would place the children’s computers for safety sake. My comments are going beyond the article. But as adults we all see the quantity of spam and porn that comes across our e-mails and we have a DUTY to protect our children. I would die if I had a 6 year old looking on the computer and guess what pops up but naked women or worse.

So the article and making a workspace in the families public area makes allot of since.


By Wendy Donahue


homeworkRISMEDIA, September 23, 2009—(MCT)—With the school year under way, parents are back to the difficult task of keeping their children on track- especially when it comes to homework. If you are looking for ways to keep your children focused, a designated homework space may be the answer you are looking for. 

How to create an alcove 

On a dime: Children don’t need the deep, hulking “magic desk.” Instead, scout out a kitchen corner or a small closet to convert, or look for a window niche to retrofit in the kitchen. Install a countertop across it, then buy a file cabinet on wheels which can be stored out of the way, under a countertop.

Deluxe: If you have the space, a playroom can provide surface area and storage for homework and craft projects. 

On the walls
If you have a simple desk area in the kitchen, add a cork wall covering — using tiles or sheets. Custom-cut them to the space as a “backsplash,” with push pins to post schedules, good grades or quick references for math and grammar. Fabric-covered bulletin boards add a punch of color, as does a small lamp with a fabric shade. 

Cheap thrills
Build enthusiasm for homework with a few affordable amenities for younger children: a fish-shaped stapler, a monster pencil sharpener that chomps as it works or the ultimate status symbol for youngsters — the 120-count box of Crayola Crayons. 

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