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Sylvan Habitat Homes and Land for sale in Brevard NC area & History of Sylvan Habitat

Sylvan Habitat a Conservation Community of only 44 lots on 555 Acres

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Homes for Sale In Sylvan Habitat

Land for sale in Sylvan Habitat

Sylvan Habitat Camps over 10 Acres

Sylvan Habitat was sold out but we have for the first time in many years have some resales as people’s life changes changed there mind, like the wanting to move closer to the kids or Grandchildren. Now is your oportunity to own a home or lot or a camp site in without a doubt the areas only true Conservation Community within 7 miles of Brevard Courthouse and almost 6 miles of trails allthe way ino the DuPont State Forest. Sylvan Habitat comprises 555 acres gives the chance to live in a park of your own. And with over 6 miles of trails, and over 200 acres of conservation areas, it is a wonderful place to live, retires, or enjoy just for vacations. Sylvan Habitat offers the perfect location only 5 miles from Brevard NC. And one of our trails goes directly into DuPontStateForest. Peruse our site to get more information about our Community, including size and price of lots, location, and maps.   
Sylvan Habitat is the result of a desire to recreate an old-fashioned family neighborhood in a beautiful mountain setting. Quality of life is so important and should be a part of your next decision.
So many of our contemporary subdivisions lack neighborhood character. While they may contain beautiful homes, the individual houses stand in isolation, and their inhabitants are confined either to their own yards or to the insides of their cars.
Sylvan Habitat turns this situation inside out. Every lot is situated on a multiuse trail suitable for pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian use. Residents will find it natural and easy to get out of their house after dinner, or before breakfast, and amble or ride their horses or bicycles on the trails. They likely would encounter a neighbor or two on the way. 
Private Family Retreat
But while you may not consider yourself reclusive, you occasionally desire seclusion and privacy for your family and yourself - when you want it. We haven't forgotten about that either. With just 44 lots planned on 555 acres, you get plenty of privacy. And the CarolinaBlue RidgeMountain topography has generously provided us with numerous interesting house sites including many small knolls surrounded by hardwood forest coves, streams, and Blue Ridge mountain views. So you have the best of both worlds - privacy and community.  
What happens when you walk out of your house, and past your neighbors' houses, and into the woods? The trails keep going - through the greenways of Sylvan Habitat, winding their way along the old logging roads of the conservation areas, and finally ending up at the nearby DuPontStateForest. If you finally complete your exploration of your own private trails at Sylvan Habitat, you have over 11,000 acres of equestrian, mountain bike, and pedestrian trails accessible without ever getting in your car.
If you want to emerge from the woods into a larger community, Brevard, NC is just 4 miles away. It's an exceptional town - BrevardCollege and the BrevardMusicCenter give it an interesting collegiate and musical flavor and provide you with entertainment. The MusicCenter and the College sponsor quality concerts and theatre throughout year. Several top-quality restaurants are open year round, and quaint village shopping awaits the curious.  
And don't forget Asheville - the regional airport is only 20 to 25  minutes away, and the city of Asheville has a restored 19th century downtown area that is a treasure trove of unique shops and restaurants.  
Natural Beauty
Sylvan Habitat is blessed with more than 12 sparkling mountain streams, waterfalls, and great views of the Blue Ridge to the Northwest, and the Saluda Mountains of South Carolina to the southeast. A ridge cuts diagonally through the property, defining forested valleys on either side. Southerly and easterly exposures predominate, giving you the morning sunshine, and the warming winter rays. Altitudes range from 2700 to 3100 feet. While not even hills by Himalayan standards, the altitude of the Southern Appalachians affords an interesting summertime temperature drop when compared to the Southern Piedmont and the Coastal Plain.
And to help you experience the diversity of this typical Southern Appalachian setting of coves and ridges, we will mark a separate system of pedestrian-only trails, which wind through the deep Rhododendron covered valleys, and along the pristine mountain trout streams.  
While we recognize that any development has environmental impact, we have striven to create a community that minimizes impact while maximizing access to outdoor recreation. The final plan conserves about 50% of the entire tract. The development area is confined to areas along ridges - minimizing stream impact in the coves below. Multiuse trails, houses, and roads are kept away from the lowlands as much as possible - only pedestrian trails, at least 30 feet from streams, are planned in the ecologically sensitive valleys. Houses are clustered in the Northeast and Central sectors, minimizing the length of roadways required. Covenants will keep manmade disturbances as far from streams as possible. A conservation easement is planned for the 200+ contiguous acres included within Sylvan Habitat - and greenways protect our many small streams.  
You a Sylvan Habitant?
Who will populate Sylvan Habitat? People who seek a wonderful place to raise a family. People who love the outdoors. People who love outdoor recreation, including horseback riding, mountain bikes, and walking. People who are seeking a second vacation home, which will one day become their retirement home. People who seek an escape from the big city. People who seek peace and recreation in the cool mountains and quiet villages of an earlier time.  
Two types of trails are provided at Sylvan Habitat. Three miles of multiuse trails are under construction or presently in place. Mostly, they are old logging roads, so they have ideal grades and widths for multiple uses, including horses, mountain bike, or people on foot. Probably 5 miles of these private trails will be in place within Sylvan Habitat before we are finished. Call Jay Kaiser 828-421-0375 for more information on this and other fine communities in Western NC

Homes for Sale In Sylvan Habitat

Land for sale in Sylvan Habitat

Sylvan Habitat Camps over 10 Acres

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Where, How and What to look for when buying a Plasma TV

Looking For Cheap Plasma TV and tips on how to buy!

July 3, 2010[

If you’re looking for a great television to buy, you should check out what you can get from plasma televisions. It’s a good idea to get something that is worth your money and time. This is something you may want to look into.

With so many different brands and models of plasma televisions out there in the market, it is not easy to determine which one is best for you. You need to consider several factors before you can decide on which brand and model is the one you want to buy.

You’ll definitely need to shop around for the best deals available. With so many different options available to you, you can afford to be fussy about which one you want to choose.

Imagine the kind of things you want your plasma television to have. Look at all the different features that you can choose from that’s available in the market. You’ll have a great time arranging your options as you look at the many creative options available to you.

It is most important to get the best deal available for your money. Be careful when you’re looking for a cheap plasma TV, just like shopping for any other things. Look for great deals that will work within whatever budget you may have.

Be sure that you’re doing whatever you can to carefully check out what’s available to you in the market. Find a product that you’re comfortable with that meets your budget. You must get something that’s worth the money you’re going to spend. You must ensure that you’ll spend the time necessary to look at all your available options. Something that looks good on paper may not necessary be that great after all.

Be a little cautious when you’re selecting the television set you’re going to buy. Check out on the brand to see if any current problems have been reported or any recall have been issued that you may need to know about. Different televisions offer somewhat different features. You may want to get all the newest features that’s offered.

Set your budget and then take your time searching around for the right type of television for you. You can look online and in the different stores that are out there. You will want to take the time to see what is on clearance. You may never know what you will get out there on sale. You may just get the deal of a lifetime if you shop around at the right places.

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