Monday, September 28, 2009

How good is your feedback from your agent after your house is shown and how secure is your house?

How good is your feedback from your agent is after your house is shown? The reason I ask is the North Carolina Mountain MLS and its regional board is about to vote on the new style of lock boxes and the agent keys to open them. Currently we have a system where and agent puts their digital key into the lock box located on or around your door, uses a code that's secure to only that agent, the box checks it versus the key and if they match, the key holder in the box opens to access the key to the house.

Then the agent at night is to charge there key by placing it in the charger that is connected at night to internet, and it makes a modem call to the lock box company that receives the information form the key as to what they went in that day.  The following day the listing agent can get a report of who showed the house, what time, agents name and phone number. Now after the listing agent has thins information we can request feedback, call the agent to get there thoughts as well as the buyers. We do have an inherent problem as we have some agents that might leave the key in the car and not put it in the sync cradle at night so the key never calls the key box company and the process halts. So the listing agent may not get the report that the house was shown for several days to a week or longer.

Don’t be disturbed we have in place a safeguard where all our listing has the option of being put into a showing service. So when a buyer wants to see one our 6 houses an agent calls one number to set up the showings which are logged into a computer, the showing agent and the showing company and listing agent are then notified of the showing. So don't fear that there aren't controls in fact there are severe penalties if agents enter a home unauthorized including loss of MLS privileges. Loss of these privileges basically puts an agent out of business like a car salesman without any cars on the lot, so we take this seriously.

The key question I have is there is newer technology out that when an agent shows your house the new type of a key to open the box after it opens it, it calls via cell technology that your home was shown to the lock box company which then processes the information to all agents involved. As a listing agent of your home we now can have almost immediate access to know that your house was shown, and respond immediately to processing the information to the owner, request feedback for the showing agent, and if the listing agent had to turn on lights to the house they will then know it's OK to go turn them back off as necessary.

Feedback is critical not only to the listing agent but you as a home owner. Timely feedback has always been an issue for me, or no feedback as showing agents are not all created equal as my motto implies and they just don't provide it. As a heavy listing agent I need this feedback and quickly. I feel you as a homeowner deserves this. So back to the question, what can I do and other agents do better when listing and showing your home and providing you feedback? Should we as agents pay more for this technology, do you as homeowners feel it’s a service you should have?


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