Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Recycling have you ever wondered where your glass goes here in Brevard NC
In a recent article in the fall 2009 City of Brevard Newsletter there was an article with the question "What happens to your glass"???
Here is an excerpt of what was in the article that I found quite interesting. Here in Brevard NC you can recycle and a company called GDS will pick up recyclable materials. The article states the Green, brown and clear glass is recycled each week on the curb in special containers. I applaud everyone that recycles! Not only is it easy but it saves the ever so valuable landfill space and the high cost of lining the landfills to created more space.
Last year the City of Brevard recycled nearly 82 tons of glass. Amazing how much glass we use in or daily lives. Once glass reaches the recycle center it is first separated form all the other recyclables like cans, plastic and paper products. It is then transported to manufacturers for processing to individual vendors specifications in Raleigh NC and Atlanta Georgia. The glass travels a longs ways but it is well worth it!
Then the contaminants are removed from the glass and jars with labels on them are usually crushed into what is called cullet. Then the crushed glass is melted down in a super hot furnace and naturally all the labels are burned off in the process and this glass is used to make new glass. Maybe your next windshield or salsa container just might be from your efforts. Naturally this process takes less energy than starting from scratch making new glass and we not only reap the benefits of lower waste but less expensive glass that gets passed on to the consumer.
According to GDS, your clear and green glass are processed and sold to Owens Corning, who then uses the glass as fiberglass insulation. Interesting that Brown glass is reprocessed back into brown bottle only.
Bottom line... recycles and save energy, our countries precious resources and best of all create American jobs. It doesn’t take much time and energy to do you part!

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