Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The History of Pisgah Forest Farms/Estates
1974 Pisgah Forest Farms / Estates was established on Black Knob Mt in 1974 and was then known as ‘Pisgah Forest Farms Community Development'. It was created by a Mr. Red Belcher who lived in Florida and was the owner of the Belcher Oil Company. Mr. Belcher, his wife and his butler, William Byrd, would spend a few days here throughout the year. His home was the big house against the mountainside (on the left as you turn in off Hart Road).
1975 In July Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith moved here from New York and managed this land for Mr. Belcher from 1979 until 1987. Pisgah Forest Dr was paved from Hart Rd to Falcon Rd and it was gravel from Falcon Rd up to the top and around to the back. There were six homes here then, all below the power lines. They were owned by Tom and Kathleen Smith, George and Virginia Spahn, Wendell and Lois Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Camp, Mr. & Mrs. Heller and Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lamphier. Billy Parker was the property manager at the time and Tom Smith took over in 1979.
c1978 Mr. Belcher deeded Pisgah Forest Farms, Inc to Brevard College.
1980 The first Restrictive Covenants and Bylaws were created and approved.
1982 Brevard College sold Pisgah Forest Farms, Inc to Brevard Trust, Inc - a group of 15 Florida investors. The Reed property, which is adjacent to the SW edge of Pisgah Forest Farms / Estates, was granted access to Pisgah Forest Dr.
1987 Mr. Belcher passed away.
1989 When Mr. & Mrs. Quillen moved here there were 24 homes on the mountain and we have added an average of two homes a year since.
1990 A developer by the name of Robert Re purchased Pisgah Forest Farms / Estates from Brevard Trust, Inc.
1995 Mr. Re brought in Line Runner, a North Carolina General Partnership created by Mike R Meany. It was at this time that the Restrictive Covenants were amended and revised to reflect the partnership of Robert Re and Mike Meany.
2007 Pisgah Forest Farms / Estates was admitted to the Firewise Communities/USA program by the National Wildfire Coordinating group - a part of the US Forest Service.
2008 The Restrictive Covenants were again amended to reflect the fact that the community is now completely home & lot owner owned and controlled.
2009 There are now 62 homes in this mountain community. Mrs. Kathleen Smith has lived here 34 years - the only remaining community ‘pioneer'... Mr. Tom Smith passed away 21 years ago - a result of cancer.

There are 2 other mini communities within the development called The Pinnacle and Forest Park For further information visit

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