Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ways to fight the Winter Blues:
Holidays and Winter Months for some are some of the hardest months to deal with. I know family members that get depressed as winter sets in and the days get shorter and the weather gets gloomy.

I know all of us all of us have lost loved ones and who do we think about during the holidays...well I think of those that have gone on before us, and how much I miss them. Below are some tips I found on Money Pit that will sure help. Enjoy the tips.

And most important is to love those around you, forgive those that have wronged you, pray for those that need our prayers and lastly keep in mind there are far more people less fortunate than us, and do something special to help them. Examples are our countries food banks and homeless shelters have greater demand now than they have had in there history. Lastly take the time to smile and give some praise to a fellow worker ad you never know what that person may be going through.

The long, dark days of winter tend to give project-loving homeowners the blues. But you don't have to wait for spring to arrive or the stock market to soar to get your DIY groove back. A few dollar-wise home improvement projects can spruce up your home and your spirits, and help beat the winter blues.

Best foot forward: Spruce up the front door by polishing door hardware, rolling out a new doormat and making sure porch lights are in order and equipped with fresh bulbs at the maximum wattage allowed by the fixture.
Add color: Plant winter color in porch front containers and strategic spots along walkways or landscape beds.
Inside gardens: Start spring early with planters of forced bulbs or a mini herb garden stationed in a sunny window.
Bright lights: Nothing helps beat the winter blues better than bright lights. Be alert to needs in your indoor lighting scheme, and make additions and adjustments for warm, welcoming comfort throughout your family's waking hours.
More d├ęcor: Warm up living areas with colorful throws and comfy pillows, adding spring tones and textures as the next season draws near.
Winter may be long and dark but your decorating scheme doesn't have to be. ith a few simple home improvements, you can brighten up your space and your attitude, and beat the winter blues.

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