Monday, November 23, 2009

Watch this wonderful video and you too will remember why our founders of this wonderful country came here. Then read on why we should be Thankful!
I just returned from a long need vacation (3 years since last one) and loved every minute of it. The 3 ports we entered while on a cruise reminded me why America is the best place in the entire world to live in. At 2 of the ports in Mexico you exit the ship to be greeted by the Mexican military with fully automatic weapons and they looked like they would enjoy using them at any minute. I asked why they needed them from a local and he said they are there to protect us. America is so blessed not be greeted by military at local malls, grocery stores and banks.
At their banks they had at least 2 guards at every bank with shot guns and or American automatic weapons standing outside the bank, and no telling who or what was inside. Once again to protect us?
With this week being Thanksgiving we need to remember why the early settlers risked their lives so they could have freedom. Folks they did this not only for themselves but future generations which we are now one of. The actual first Thanksgiving was is Florida, as when they arrived off the ship they immediately gave thanks for the safe voyage and had a party so to speak, and bringing them to a place where freedom of Worship is allowed. That year around half of them died as life was extremely hard. I ask why do we complain, why are we not thankful? I would venture to say as tough as Real Estate is today with many of our members leaving the business as they can no longer pay the fees to stay in, and some at the brink of loosing there homes and being homeless. What’s our excuse for not being thankful for where we live and what God has given us?
I am sure there are many that will read this will almost immediately close it and not read on but for those of us that do, take a minute and be thankful for all that we have. Take a minute and pray for those less fortunate than us, take a minute and ask yourself what I can do to help someone this holiday season, what can I do every day from her on out. I know the income has been awful, expenses of staying in Real Estate continue to go up, but look in your pantry, your closet, your garage at all the stuff we Americans hoard up.
Be kind to others as you never know what they are going through! Empty out those items in your house that you can no longer wear, donate furniture, and donate your time at the food shelters. And most of all take time to thank God for what he has done for you and your family!

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