Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't use Compact Flourescent Lights in your Garage Door Openers (edit/delete)
This is one tip I recently recieved from a home inspector that I am glad I got. I have been on a mission at home replacing all incandescent lights with CFL bulbs and was about to change the opener bulbs. Thanks to Altamont Inspections, LLC for some great tips.

There have been several warnings concerning the use of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs in garage door openers. Most garage door openers use electronic switching similar to a dimmer switch to operate the light bulbs and it is not compatible with CFLs, even CFLs that are supposed to be "ruggedized" or dimmable. This switching incompatibility coupled with the inherent vibration of a garage door opener can damage the electronic circuits and can cause the electric motor to overheat to a potentially dangerous level. Neither the Genie Company, a company which makes door openers (call them at 800-354-3643), nor the General Electric Company, a CFL manufacturer, recommend the use of CFLs in garage door openers.

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