Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Active Rain Community we need your help to help Rescue Animals and it costs you ZERO!

Our County can receive up to 1 million dollars for Animal Rescued Pets. Please VOTE NOW but only once daily or she will be disqualified. Once you login do a search for Little Bitsy and vote. Link is below called do it for Bitsy.

This is an article from Vanity Fair as they too se the need to help.

Every Little Bits Helps

I'm going to break with precedence here. Or do I mean protocol? Oh let's not get hung up on semantics.

I don't believe it is the role of this blog to tell you, an autonomous, sentient flesh module capable of fixing your own lunch, whom to support in an election. This blog works on the assumption that you are mature enough to make up your own mind regarding a candidate or a ballot initiative, capable of casting your own futile, meaningless vote.

But I've discovered a candidate who speaks to my heart, for whom your vote(s) would not be in vain.

I speak of Little Bitsy, the remarkable dog whose soulful brown eyes I first found staring at me at Balloon Juice. Bitsy, a malnourished mixed terrier who was discovered and rescued at the side of a road after being struck by a car, is one of the thousands of worthy canines competing for the coveted title of Cutest Dog. It isn't just an honorary title. "Of the many prizes offered to the cutest dogs, the top prize will come in at a whopping $1,000,000. Little Bitsy's adopted owners have pledged 100% of any possible funds that they win to local animal rescue."

Although I am a cat person by temperament and joyful experience, Little Bitsy's cocked head and mute, beseeching stare speaks to my soul, and I intend to vote for Bitsy today, tomorrow, and each day until the votes are tallied, and I encourage you to do so too. Do it for animal rescue, do it for democracy, do it for America, do it for Bitsy.

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