Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips to Service Your Air Conditioner Between Professional Inspections

Turn off the unit before you begin. Start with the coils. Dust and dirt act to reduce heat flow, so cleanliness is practical. Central air conditioners have two coils. One, located inside (usually connected to the furnace ductwork), absorbs heat from the house, chilling the air and removing humidity. The second, outside the house, expels heat as a large fan blows air over the coils. A good shop vacuum should be up to the task. You may want to use a spray cleaner to loosen accumulated debris and dirt. Air conditioning removes moisture that drains into a pan and then to the outside. Clean the drain pan. Keep this drain system clean to prevent mold, etc. (A pro can add a tablet to the pan to keep bacteria from growing.) Make sure the condensate drain system and all filters and fans are clean. Clean or replace filters each month during the periods of use. Source: Minnesota Office of Energy Security.

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