Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Has Your Listing Gone To The Dogs?
I recently saw this posting by Patricia Kennedy and had to pass it along. Humor with truth. I have 3 outside dogs and 2 inside but the house is not for sale.
OK, I have as much trouble as the next person being totally straight with a potential seller about that beloved, often spoiled rotten, family member who barks.

Yes, I have certainly been known to suck up to a dog who terrified me in order to get a great listing. I'm a dog person, after all.

But here's the thing. The dog (or dogs) can be a strong negative when it comes to getting your listing sold.

Yesterday, I showed a bunch of condos. One had really strong appeal in a lot of ways. When I called the agent, he alerted me to two small dogs who were caged inside the apartment, and said they shouldn't be a problem. And in a way they were not. In another way, they were a huge problem!

When I got to the apartment door, there was a cacophony of bark coming from the other side. They didn't sound small. They didn't sound caged.

But hey! I'm a dog person! The agent assured me they were caged and not of the Realtor® eating variety. So I decided to go in first to make sure it was safe.

And it was, if you were immune to hearing loss. It was clear that these two little chihuahuas would rather be home in Mexico than caged in a Dupont Circle condo! And they made a huge racket for the entire time we were there.

It made it impossible for my buyer to fully appreciate the pretty crown moldings, they gray marble bath, the walk-in closet, the cherry cabinets or granite counter tops in the kitchen, or the back garden. It was like showing a listing with the alarm system going off!

My buyer is making an offer, but not on this place!

So, if you're listing a house with a dog, and if you're too chicken to tell it like it is, email me at, and I will send you the pet chapter from my book. It's called "Your Family Calls Him Fido; Your Broker Calls him Fang". Just give it to them to read. It will do the job for you.

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