Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Barns Of Madison County NC

Today we had my wife's family reunion in the Big Pine area of Madison County NC. As we traveled I was impressed at the number old barns in all kinds of conditions and uses. But the actual number of them amazed me. It was obvious that every property or farm was well equipped with one or up to four or 5 barns, sheds, cribs, chicken coups etc.
Here is a sampling of what I saw today. the family names are as follows: My wife's dad is a Worley, and her mom was a Payne, The grandparents to great grandparents were Shelton's and Massey to Canaday Worley who was a traveling preacher that rode his horse or walked sometimes for days, crossing almost impassable mountains and terrain on end to reach his destination to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Payed most times would be eggs, potatoes, a chicken, or whatever they could afford. ,
More to come soon! but for now enjoy the Barns of Madision County

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